RF Microwave Components, Subsystems, and Related Services

Microwave Component Marketing Inc represents world-class manufacturers of RF microwave components, subsystems, and related services. Our business regions encompass New England, Southeast, and Florida with satisfied customers in the most demanding high-tech companies in the world. Contact Us if you would like us to represent your company.

Microwave Components
Microwave Component Antenna

World-Class Manufacturers and Principals

Micro-Precision Technologies
Elite RF LLC
Micro Harmonics
TechPlus Microwave

Microwave Component Marketing Inc. Territories

Microwave Component Marketing Inc. territories include Florida, the Southeast, and New England. If you have any questions about our services or the territories we cover please contact us for more information. Please note, the map below is intended only as a general representation of the areas we service.

Microwave Component Marketing Inc Map

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